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Fixed (Permanent) Bollards

Access Technologies offers both surface mount (baseplate) fixed bollards, or In-ground bollards to suit every application.
Surface Mount Bollards are used in applications where the floor can not readily be penetrated by core drilling or cutting, and where the bollard does not need to be removed after installation.

In-Ground Bollards are used in applications where there is a requirement for strength and impact resistance, in addition to applications where there is no existing concrete slab or footing to mount a surface mount bollard to.

Access Technologies can also custom design and manufacture architectural bollards.  From your sketch or design concept we can rapidly provide you with a 3D rendering of the proposed design for review, through to provision of sample quantities of your bollards for final design approval.

Our computer aided manufacturing capability results in full flexibility on the number of custom bollards produced.  Our service can support any quantity from one to several hundred custom bollards.

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