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Electric Automatic Retractable Bollards are intended for applications where automatic operation is necessary, but where flush mounting is required when the bollard is in the retracted state. 
These bollards are operated automatically via remote control from the comfort and convenience of your vehicle. Multiple electric retractable bollards can be operated together to secure larger openings in place of an automatic gate system.
Manual Retractable Bollards are intended for applications where the bollard must be removed to allow access to authorised vehicles, but where storage options for the removed post are limited. The bollard retracts within an in-ground canister, and mounts flush with the road surface when in the retracted state.
Our manual retractable bollards are locked via a convenient padlock arrangement that permits locking the bollard open at either full-height, or an intermediate height if required.  The unit also comes with a self-contained, retractable handle to eliminate the need for a seperate removal tool.
All of our bollard designs come Zinc Plated as standard to provide superior corrosion protection, with optional powdercoat available. For safety, the posts come fitted with a Red, class 2 reflective band to ensure both day-time and night time visibility.
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